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Beef Dripping


Units Sold: 200

Dripping is the fat from our beef rendered down. It is clarified to form a solid block. It is smooth and creamy when solid, like lard, and clear and golden when molten.
In the past, Dripping was served as a spread and ‘bread and Dripping’ was considered to be a real treat. Nowadays it is used mainly as a cooking fat – as a roasting fat for potatoes or to dot over a joint to keep it moist during cooking.
Dripping is good for roasting potatoes, as nothing else seems to get them quite as crispy. The reason is that Dripping has a very high smoke point (480 F / 250 C) and a very high flash point (550 F / 290 C.) Fish and chip fans swear by chips cooked in dripping.

Packaged in biodegradable Kraft paper tubs with lids.

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