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Posh Postal Box, for sending fudge gifts through Royal Mail. No need for scissors, Sellotape or wrapping paper!


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If you want to send someone a delicious fudge gift through the post, let us package it for you beautifully in this food-safe postal box. The fudge is nestled in layers of tissue papers in a pretty pink or blue box interior, with a personal message label on the inside lid for you to write on. We also provide a blank address label on the outside. Just order your fudge items* plus one postal box, and post it at the PO in the normal way. No need for wrapping paper, scissors or Sellotape!

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If you’d like to have the personal message and address labels printed out for you, email the texts to: catrin@fudgepots.co.uk. We will then seal the box, ready to be posted

The postal boxes come in two sizes; we will send the appropriate size depending on the number of items ordered.

* The maximum number of items we can fit in one postal box is six; however, as they are quite small, two Treasure Boxes, or two Christmas Crackers, count as one item only

FudgePots began as a collaboration between two old friends, Rita and Catrin. Rita brought her knowledge of Bengali cooking and Catrin had a fabulous old family fudge recipe. Together we create traditional flavours, such as Vanilla and Chocolate, and Rita’s inspired vegan and spiced ranges, including delicious vegan Chocolate Coconut, and cardamom-scented Mishti Masala

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