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Handmade Persian Almond Fudge


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This exotic new flavour was inspired by Persian cuisine, using the ancient ingredients of ground almonds, rosewater and pistachio. Think Tales of the Arabian Nights! – Floral, melting and delicious vegan fudge. Gluten-free, eco-friendly packaging. If it’s to be a gift, remember to order a giftbox and write your own free message, for a personal touch; combine with Choco Coco and vegan Salted Pistachio for a vegan friend, or Chocolate Orange and Mishti Masala for a trio of intense flavour experiences ♥

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A generous 180g in every bag. Ingredients: sugars, coconut butter, water, ground almonds, organic oat cream, rosewater, golden syrup, salt, lemon juice, cardamom, pistachio nuts, rose petals, turmeric. Absolutely no additives, preservatives, E-numbers or weird things like lecithin. Plastic-free compostable bag (place in compost heap or in ordinary bin). Allergens: contains coconut, pistachio nuts and almonds. Vegan and gluten-free. Made where other nuts are used

FudgePots began as a collaboration between two old friends, Rita and Catrin. Rita brought her knowledge of Bengali cooking and Catrin had a fabulous old family fudge recipe. Together we create traditional flavours, such as Vanilla and Chocolate, and Rita’s inspired vegan and spiced ranges, including delicious vegan Chocolate Coconut, and cardamom-scented Mishti Masala

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