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Which Coffee?

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Arabica coffee beans account for 70% of the worlds coffee and contains approx half the caffeine of Robusta beans which have a stronger often harsher taste.
Light Roast – Light brown; no oil; fruity smell; flavour of the bean retained; higher caffeine; higher acidity (not good for sensitive stomachs)
Medium Roast – Medium brown with body; less grainy taste than LR; slightly sweet; balances flavours, aroma & acidity, less caffeine than LR but more than DR
Medium-Dark Roast – Rich, dark colour with some oil; heavier body than lighter roasts; bittersweet; lively flavour & aroma; low acidity; less caffeine
Dark Roast – Dark brown to black & oily; taste more of roast than bean; bitter, smokey, burnt taste; no acidity; lowest caffeine content.
If you want a strong coffee choose a Robusta bean rather than an Arabica or a stronger blend.
Course grind – French Press/Cafetiere
Medium Course – Chemex
Medium – Drip/Filter, Machine drip
Medium Fine – Siphon, Mokka pot
Fine – Aeropress, Espresso

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