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Absorb Sparkling Water Kefir Blackcurrant 750 ml


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Known as “Tibiscos” in South America, our wonderful water kefir uses a traditional fermentation process and great quality ingredients to produce a joyous, fizzy and naturally refreshing drink suitable for all. For those that are familiar, kefir is known to aid digestion and boost one’s natural bacteria. As such, our kefir can also be taken as part of a broader nutritional programme – we recommend a 120ml glass daily, preferably taken in the morning or away from digestion.

Blackcurrant will add extra antioxidants to the drink.

Vegan, low sugar, naturally fermented ad great for the whole family! No allergens!

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Blackcurrant Water Kefir Ingredients: Filtered and spring water, unrefined caster sugar*, lemon*, sultanas*, dried apricots*, sieved kefir grains, freeze dried blackcurrants.


Keep refrigerated and refer to the use by date on the bottom of the bottle. Use within 15 days of opening. Do not shake and open with care as it is a living drink and will show deposits at the bottom of the bottle (yeasts) which can be consumed.

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